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Volume Lash Training Manual


Congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming a quality trained and  outstanding eyelash technician. What’s even more exciting is the additional  income opportunities this specialized skill will give you and your beauty business.


Eyelash extensions are such a great business to be in and but as you know volume lash extensions are what everyone wants!  You only need to look around to see that it is one of the hottest, fastest growing beauty trends – and now you can profit from it!  More and more women are wanting volume eyelash extensions, creating this rapidly growing trade.


Jump-start your career as a lash stylist with our Level 2 Volume Lash Training Program!  This 8 hour class will have you learning under the guidance of one of our expert Trainers. The hands-on education, intensive marketing and business-building instruction will help to ensure your success.  Simply be ready to learn and practice, practice practice!  All materials are provided.


We will cover the basics of LUMÈ LASH BROW BEAUTY Volume Eyelash Extensions application.

Complete instruction will include the following:

  • Overview of LUMÈ LASH BROW BEAUTY Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Proper tool handling
  • Client consultation
  • Proper Volume Fan Making
  • Appropriate knowledge of volume fan sizes
  • Application techniques through hands-on exercises, including how to properly:

– Measure the natural lashes to choose the appropriate thickness, length, and curvature to meet the client’s needs and desires

– Choose an appropriate lash look that creates a frame for your client

– How to handle the eyelash extensions

– Adhering the eyelash extension using the appropriate amount of adhesive

– Use our exclusive “push” technique to coat the natural

lash to ensure a strong, smooth bond

– Fix crooked or kinky natural lashes

Next we will build upon the proven techniques, provide additional guidelines for ensuring safe and effective eyelash extensions application procedures, and provide business-building and marketing suggestions to help

the stylist grow their business.


  • Overview of the LUMÈ LASH BROW BEAUTY Client Profile System documents that enable you, as the stylist, to build relationships with your clients and help your clients get the look and feel they want at every appointment.
  • Additional instruction and assistance on application techniques that include

– Applying to different eye shapes

– Addressing gaps in the lash line

– Incorporating color and different lash curls into your design

  • How to strum lashes to makes fans for Volume technique
  • How to troubleshoot common issues that may arise or concerns that clients may have
  • Information on how to achieve your Certification
  • Business-building techniques including:

– A road-map to success

– Product knowledge on both application and retail products

– How to effectively market your new service and yourself

– Networking strategies

– How to set your pricing

  • Feedback and assistance from the Trainer via emails to help you refine your skills and plan for your new business.


  • All application tools and supplies are provided in your kit.
  • Practice makes perfect! You will need a lot! And then a little more …
  • Re-watch videos to improve your skill before moving on
  • Models will be necessary to submit all your before and after work
  • And did I say you need to practice some more? LOL


Individual Attention and Hands-on Experience

  • Individual attention is achieved via emails or scheduled phone conferences.
  • This is the only class that allows you to stop, practice and perfect before moving onto the next skill needed.
  • Hands-on practice and instruction videos are interactively combined throughout the Training Program for the ultimate learning experience.

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